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Kirsty Ward BA (Hons) - Founder & Owner at Kocoon

‘Just as the caterpillar thought the world was ending, it became a butterfly’ - Proverb

I always like to know a bit about who I'm working with and their history, so  thought that I'd share a bit about myself with you. 

I started out my career working with children & then progressed into early intervention & family support. As I progressed in my career I worked in children’s safeguarding and the criminal justice system with women. I have  worked as both a frontline worker, manager, group facilitator & trained the Metropolitan police. 

I knew that at some point I’d like to live the dream & become self-employed. However, I had no idea how or what I would do. 

By December 2018 I was in a managers role, following a stressful restructure of the service I worked for. I had a job, but I was ill, overwhelmed & unhappy so took the decision of taking redundancy.  Although I had no idea what would happen in my future at the time, I am so glad I had the confidence to take a risk & the support of some good people around me. 

I enrolled on a Personal Performance Coaching 2 day training event. All of a sudden I had found something that could bring together all of my skills & experience & that I would genuinely love doing!

As a self-confessed hippy and a bit of a  witch, I completed a course on teaching meditation, realising that something I loved & found so helpful could be used in conjunction with my coaching to help people recognise & reach their potential. 

I had the ideas, and was working towards qualifying, but what about about a name for my business? Whilst chatting to a friend in the office, she shared feeling ‘like a snake shedding its skin’. I replied ‘or a butterfly coming out of a cocoon’ & Kocoon was born - the "K" because I'm Kirsty!

I got my first bit of paid self-employed work in October 2019 and since then I've run meditation courses, started coaching some amazing clients and been a 1-2-1 meditation and mindfulness teacher for some lovely people.

When I'm not working, I love being with my family and friends, I adore my cats. I need my own time in nature walking. I love traveling and exploring with my partner in crime and one of the simplest pleasures in life for me, is cooking with a nice pinot!

Lots of love