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DISC - The People Puzzle

DISC is a profiling system, that put very simply, shows our behavior preferences... this can help us to better understand ourselves & others, our strengths, what motivates us, what we bring to a team/family/relationship... it’s interesting, fun & a real eye opener! I recently became DISC accredited and I wanted to share more about it because it is such an amazing tool!

So what does DISC actually mean? What are the profiles? Someone with a D preference is generally, dominant, direct, decisive & a doer. They like tasks & are probably outgoing. They will be great at getting stuff done & leading but, under pressure could seem aggressive & very to the point... Someone with an I preference is generally influential, interactive & interested in people. They like people & are generally outgoing. They will be great at bringing enthusiasm & verbally persuading/influencing people, but under stress could seem dramatic & emotional. People with an S preference will generally be, sensitive, supportive & stable. They like people & may be reserved. Someone with an S preference will be great at team work & patient, under stress they could seem withdrawn & isolate themselves. People with a C preference will generally be competent, compliant & conscientious. They like tasks and may be reserved. Someone with a C preference will be great at details , following rules/procedures. Under pressure they may bring out facts & figures & isolate themselves. So after going through DISC it’s your turn to guess my preference... I can be seen as, charming, sociable, chatty, competitive, fast moving & demanding... I’m great at, being in charge & have a positive attitude to most things... I’m not so great at details & struggle with patience... Under stress you may hear me ranting aloud, swearing & seeming a bit hostile...

Leave a comment! If you'd like to know your DISC profile get in touch!

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