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When I Grow Up I Want to Be...

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

I always knew I was going to do well and be successful when I was younger, I just wasn't sure how. I wanted to be a teacher, a designer, a barrister, a social worker, a play therapist, a barrister again... long story short, I had lots of ideas but no plans.

As it happened I ended up working in early intervention, safeguarding and probation …I've just realised that maybe these were my childhood dream jobs all wrapped up in different titles - perhaps I was living the dream after all! I had moments of loving my jobs and moments of absolutely hating them. At 27 I ended up off work with stress for 2 months - I was burnt out and still so young.

During my time off I knew something needed to give. I thought I'd love to be self-employed, doing the hours I want, earning a good salary, a little office in Rickmansworth would be nice too. But what the hell was I going to do?!!

*disclaimer - this photo is not when I was 27 and burnt out - this was little me full of dreams!

I think my 20's knocked some of my earlier confidence out of me through crap relationships, stressful jobs with poor pay and weirdly...everyone saying how well I was doing, made me feel even more like I couldn't say I wasn't – so I didn't even consider my dreams... I just got a new job

I had a few years in a great managers role with the best team, but as the Dali Lama said, “sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck” after a restructure I asked to be made redundant. Alas, this wasn’t the start of a terrible story but the start of Kocoon. I had 2 lovely months off work and enrolled on a 2 day coaching course in January 2019 (I remember thinking maybe I’ll just chill instead of going into the city) but I didn't and that was the start of realising that maybe I could have a different way of living and working.

Part of my journey in building a business has been networking with some other amazing business owners, some of whom have shared some of their top tips for going for your dreams in building a business:

Delphine Ingelaere, Coach and owner of Heedful Coaching

“Once the decision was made to make the switch from a corporate job to coaching and having a business, I was very nervous about telling people. What were my friends going to think? Surely they were not going to take me seriously? Who was I to think I could make that crazy move and have a successful business.

After telling 1 or 2 friends, I realised it was easier than I thought, people were actually really pleased for me and did not think I was crazy! The more I tell people about my new career, the more comfortable I am talking about it. And the more comfortable I am, the more confident I feel about introducing myself to potential future clients. So...

Tip #1, tell people, talk about your new business all the time.

Tip #2, don’t wait until you have the perfect website, branding, packaging, photos or enough followers. Start NOW and get all those things done along the way.”

Jules Taylor, Owner of Taylor Made PA

“As a Virtual Assistant that works with Small Business Owners my top tip would definitely be outsource the tasks that are outside your skill set or you don’t like doing at the earliest opportunity – don’t wait until you are too busy to do it. Just because you are a Business Owner it doesn’t mean that you have to do everything yourself. Free up time to do what is important and more importantly what makes your Business Money by outsourcing to an expert in that field. Factor in your time – you are paying to do those tasks yourself as it is time you cannot be working on anything you could be paid for. By outsourcing to an expert it probably takes them less time to do the task too.”

Natalie Potts - Award winning CPD coach and Owner of Natalie Potts Coaching Ltd.

"Invest in becoming a better version of yourself every single day. The art of living a successful life is to understand what happiness is on your terms. "The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” Steve Jobs"

Lara Carvalho, owner of Bomull Baby

"Bomull Baby emerged from the desire to share high-quality products that are suitable for babies with sensitive skin, made with organic and natural ingredients/materials, eco-friendly and ethically made. After many trips to the doctor, my husband and I were informed that our amazing little human being, Mia, was most likely suffering with a typical dermatitis, commonly known as eczema. She cried a lot and so did I because I knew it was causing her a lot of discomfort and pain. Since then we have made many changes in our lives and found many amazing products that helped improve not only our daughter’s skin condition but also our knowledge about the importance of buying sustainable products. My goal is that parents can find a great part of their baby’s essentials in one place, saving them some precious time and money – my tip is doing something that is important to you"

Carla Carolina Watson, Owner of Carla Carolina Watson Life Coaching

"Write things down

When we write things down we set ourselves to success. Did you know that what we don’t write down won’t happen? And the best part of writing things down is that it is super easy and yet so powerful. Visualize what you want (not what you don’t want)

Our brains are so powerful and yet so literal. We need to understand how it works first. On the bright side anything we tell our brain they will believe, that includes negatives. Because our brain is like a little kid who takes everything super literal. So every time you tell yourself “I don’t want to eat more sugar”, eating sugar is all your brain is going to remember. That why I encourage my clients to focus on the things they want. So yeah “not eating sugar” might be part of your goal. Now I ask, what do you want instead? Maybe you want to drink more water or eat 10 pieces of vegetables a day or maybe it’s something else. So next time you think about the things you don’t want I want to invite you to think and visualize the things that you WANT so that you can attract and manifest your vision.

Get an accountability buddy

Two brains think better than one. Do I really have to say more? haha! Well, this is a blog so maybe I do. When you have someone in your corner, to plan, focus, look at things from other perspectives. Someone who has the best interest for you and your goals, and most importantly someone you can trust. It can be a business partner, a friend, a mentor or a life coach like me."

Thanks to this lovely bunch for sharing their stories and their top tips. So... I suppose that it is now my turn to give my top tip ands is quite simple, but perhaps the hardest thing to do sometimes.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - sometimes life sweeps us up and before we know it, we are not where we thought we would be. In January 2019 I hoped I'd be a qualified coach - now I am (and with a distinction!), I hoped I would be teaching meditation - I do! I hoped I'd be getting paid work - I am an associate for an award winning coach?!

Its not always easy to be positive, in fact I can be very much like Victor Meldrew! But I think self belief and confidence come from being kind to yourself first and foremost. Listening to yourself, trusting your gut and giving yourself a break or a pat on the back!

Now go chase your dreams... whatever they may be!

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