Reiki is a really lovely treatment for the mind, body & soul. Reiki means ‘universal life force’ & is beautiful healing energy that can help to clear & heal blockages in the mind, body & soul. 

The treatment can be carried out in person with a ‘hands on’ healing session or remotely.  Reiki is a deeply relaxing complementary therapy & can help with: 

Stress, anxiety, sleep issues, depression, physical pain, hormone imbalances, toxins in the body, trauma & grief, immune disorders, high blood pressure & much more. 

Reiki (ray-key) was discovered by Dr Usai in Japan in the late 1800’s. The teachings & energy have been passed down through Dr Usai & his first Reiki masters. I am currently a Reiki 2nd degree practitioner & am in training as a Reiki Master & Teacher. 

I offer both in person & virtual sessions to children, teens and adults. I would always recommend at least 4 sessions to gain the full benefits of Reiki & offer the following packages:

1 Crystal Reiki session £45 

4 Crystal Reiki sessions £170

6 Crystal Reiki sessions £245

10 Crystal Reiki sessions £405

"That was amazing, I felt it in my body. I've been sleeping so much better and buzzing with energy" - Kerry

"I saw purple light, I feel so light & relaxed" - Yvonne 

"I loved it, so relaxing -  I feel asleep! Kirsty picked up on areas that were true to me" - Cadie

Reiki Treatment